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The Portable / Mobile Dental Unit

A Plumb-Free Solution

ASI's 25 Year Anniversary


The ASI mobile dental unit is perfect for satellite offices, mobile dentistry, Hygiene, Ortho and more. They are plumb-free and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet, which eliminates any special installation requirements or practice location constraints.

These affordable, high quality portable dental units come equipped with an internal air compressor and vacuum. They deliver high compressor and suction performance with quiet sound levels. The result is optimal performance equivalent to a plumbed office.

  • Oil-less air compressor with two-stage drying system

  • Dry vacuum pump

  • Waste purge system with suction canister

  • Clean closed water system

  • Air, water, and electrical outlets to connect other instruments

Triton™ Model 90-2025 Portable Dental Unit

20 Years with ASI Carts

Dr. David McWhinnie

Custom Mobile Dental System

Dr. Rich Bailey Discusses the Mobile Application of his ASI Dental Cart

Hygienist’s Office

Angie Rhoades, Owner/Operator of Smile Logic, an Independent Dental Hygiene Office

Tip of the Day

Dr. Joe Massad Discusses ASI Dental Systems

Dental Equipment Background

Since 1994, ASI has been a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile dental units, dental carts and advanced dental delivery systems.

Our Triton™ line of mobile dental equipment has been widely used by private and public service dentists and hygienists in hospitals, mobile dental vans, nursing homes and private primary and satellite offices. The Triton mobile dental system is ideal for setting up offices without plumbing and for mobile dental delivery applications requiring self-contained dental equipment. Many of the unique features including auto purge, ergonomic suction handpieces, quality design and the performance of the air compressor and suction system, have made the Triton mobile dental system desirable for an alternative to plumbed equipment.

ASI Medical’s line of Advanced Dental Delivery Systems includes the ability to integrate electronic dental instruments into the dental unit. Visit asidental.com to learn more about instrument integration.

Terminology & Definitions

  • Mobile Dental Units

    Also commonly referred to as mobile dental carts. They are self-contained with a dedicated air compressor designed for dental use. Performance is further optimized when dental suction is included. As a result of higher level equipment performance and capability, a mobile dental unit is generally heavier than a portable unit. They are designed to roll smoothly on casters on location, or transferred via a mobile dental van.

  • Portable Dental Units

    This type of dental unit is generally lightweight and compact. They are designed to be so portable that they can be hand carried or easily placed in a vehicle. The compromise with portable dental equipment is that it may lack in performance, be noisier or not as robust in quality.

  • Self-Contained Dental Equipment

    The phrase “self-contained” can be confusing. It commonly is referenced because of an independent water bottle supply mounted on a fixed dental unit in an office. However, when referring to either portable or mobile dental equipment, mobile self-contained dental units are meant to include an air compressor, vacuum pump and clean water supply all housed within the enclosure.

  • Military Deployable Dental Equipment

    Due to the demanding transportation and logistical requirements, military deployable mobile dental equipment boasts additional features. These features include hardened transport cases, dual voltage capability, or the ability to run off generators. These mobile dental systems must also pass vibration and drop testing to ensure they can withstand the rigors of transport. All of ASI’s mobile dental units have been specifically designed to meet the requirements for deployable dental equipment.

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