ASI Classic Flex Assistant Dental Delivery System

New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

Classic Flex Assistant System

The Classic Flex Assistant System from ASI.

ASI has released a new line of assistant dental systems called the Classic Flex. It complements its doctor dental delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet.

The assistant dental system can be configured for ambidextrous use for both right- and left-handed operators.  Numerous configurable options including small storage bins, sharps containers, file caddies, apex locator brackets and arm-mounted trays that can be bracketed onto the rail system and custom-configured for the operator or for the specialty.

The Classic Flex assistant dental system allows IT management with monitors and CPUs to be mounted onto the system, with cabling concealed.

The cart-based dental system comes standard with a large work surface, a self-contained water supply with waterline disinfection, and includes the assistant’s instruments: a titanium straight high volume evacuator, saliva ejector, and air/water syringe on a swivel mount.   A nitrous-ready option is also available.

Find more information on the standard features included with the Classic Flex assistant dental system, as well as options and addition images here.

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