Vise Bracket

New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

Vise Bracket Eliminates Risk of Dropping Dental Instruments.

Vise Bracket with ZXIIASI’s new Vise Bracket securely mounts tabletop dental instruments, keeping them in easy reach of the operator. These tabletop dental instruments include common brands of the following:

  • Apex Locators
  • Obturation Wands
  • Cordless Dental Devices

The vise bracket can be mounted onto new and existing ASI dental delivery systems. Mounting locations include the instrument holder bar or directly to the chassis.

Easy-to-turn thumbscrews establish a precise, custom fit. Silicone rings provide added grip strength, ensuring the dental instrument will not slip or fall to the floor. Removal and replacement of the dental instrument is simple and convenient. No special tools are required.

The unique ball-and-socket feature provides dental professionals the ability to personally position the dental instrument for optimum visibility. A cord wrap located on the side of the bracket platform lends additional convenience and organization.

Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction gives the vise bracket a sleek finish with added strength and durability.

Click here to see the various mounting options available for your ASI dental system.